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HR Outsourcing

What we do?

Ninety eight percent (98%) of Malaysia’s employers are made of SME companies. Substantial portion of these companies have a huge potential to grow. One of the factor that restrict SME companies growth are the entrepreneurs need to manage of all aspect of businesses. 

The solutions from Talent Hut, able to lessen the burden for start-up and SME companies. We provide HR Outsourcing so that the entrepreneurs are able to focus on what really matter for their businesses and organization.

Talent Hut’s HR Outsourcing services range from simple templates and help lines to long-term HR Outsourcing engagements related to mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations:

Designing and managing employment related agreements to employment handbook
Designing and managing people related policies
Managing employment related processes such as time management, leave management
Payroll and benefits administrations
Employee development services

How do we do it?

Our consultants have vast and extensive experiences from multiple industries, are able to provide tailored for each client’s needs and budget. Our consultant will engage the client’s to understand the specific pain-points and current business strategy as well as their future aspiration.

Thereafter, we will present the options available for client’s and share the advantages and limitation.
Our recommendations are supported with data and logical facts. We have extensive collaboration with various HR software providers and support the implementation of the initiatives and help to train employees of our client to master the new processes or system.

We also have extensive network with Government department and able to connect and get the support necessary for our clients.  It is vital to state that we in Talent Hut have strong ethical values and we do not support any unethical practices.

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