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What We Do In Executive Search?

The speed of Innovation and Disruption are shaping the world and companies at the rate never seen before. The demands for Technical and Engineering talents have never been greater. This is why companies today want more than an executive search consultant: they want to co-create customized talent solutions in true partnership with long-term, trusted talent advisors.

At Talent Hut, we operate as one unified team, with expertise across industries, sectors and geographies. With more than 7 consultants globally, our teams specialize in very niche talents like engineering, software and C-level search, Board advisory, C level succession, executive assessment and development, team effectiveness, culture, and organizational transformation.

We focus on your specific technical talent needs, whether facing disruption, mergers and acquisitions, global expansion, family business generational shifts or the challenge of driving growth.

We have extensive expertise working closely with chief human resources officer, chief executive officers and governing boards of many of the world’s most successful companies. We provide the leadership solutions that will ensure your organization’s success—for today and the future.

In Executive Search, we have assisted more than 20 companies in the past two years, advising management through a robust and future-oriented process. Our Best Practices, with a unique reach and deep network, has performed over 20 assignments and placements in the past one year alone.

How do we do it?

Our success equation is made of the following elements:

Customer Centric Solutions
Structured and systematic process
Experienced Consultants with wide Industry knowledge
Innovative and Value adding approaches

Let’s look at the details of each of the above elements

Customer Centric Solutions

We share one goal: to exceed our client’s expectation by the quality of the potential talent presented and the speed of our processes and client’s and candidate’s experience. Each search engagement is customized to the specific objectives and dynamics of our clients’ needs. We (Talent Hut and our client’s) experienced good success when we are able to clearly define of the requirement. This is achieved using structured check-list to capture the requirements/expectation comprehensively.

Structured and Systematic Process

We practise structured and systematic processes to increase our success to serve our customers. We collect and document our clients’ requirement using a comprehensive checklist. The clearly documented requirements to help us to map the market for the possible talents.  We uses innovative ways to approach our potential candidates and present the opportunities.

We use various assessment tools like behavioural interviews, online skills assessment, personality assessment/development centre to shortlist the best suited candidates for each assignments. The interview reports presented in comprehensive manner to make it easy for hiring manager to make a selection decision.  Upon identifying the candidates, we support our clients’ to on-board the successful candidate(s) so that the candidate(s) has/have pleasant experience.

Experienced Consultants with wide Industries experience

Our more than 7 consultants, located across 3 countries, are experienced former business leaders. Our experience consultants are able to/have add(ed) value to the process by sharing their industry knowledge and market data (compensation data).

When the need arise, we collaborate with other executive search agencies across the world via Business Network International (BNI).  Because we operate as one collaborative team, we merge our individual talents with the collective expertise of our global network to bring you the right candidates. We deliver the power of the entire firm to every client, every time.

Our commitment to you does not end when we place a candidate. Success is not simply the placement but rather the long-term business impact a great talent can have. Our Accelerated Integration program goes far beyond on-boarding by fully immersing the new hire into your business, team dynamics, and culture to get talents off to their best start. As the journey continues, we can help to unlock the potential in individuals, teams, and organizations.

Innovative and Value adding services

One of the unique way we add value to our clients’ is by providing innovative solutions. We have partnered with certain clients’ to support their workforce planning exercise and having a ready pool of qualified candidates. In today’s VUCA world, workforce planning can be very dynamic and places tremendous pressure on talent acquisitions team and hiring managers to source and hire the right talents at right time. Talent Hut provide the flexibility and additional resources to support client’s talent needs proactively. Talent Hut sources, screens and shortlist candidates proactively based on the anticipated growth of our clients. This helps our client’s organization to be agile and shorten their recruitment cycle-time.

Additionally, we also supported our client’s on administering personality assessment, designing a customized development centre and help our clients in the implementation for their talents as well as engaging third party reference check. 

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