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Continuous Learning is a necessary way of life

Continuous Learning is a necessary way of life

Today is the beginning of lockdown 2.0 for those in Selangor, KL, and Putrajaya. Lockdown in Sabah started on 13th Oct 2020. I have invested my time during the last lockdown to acquire new skills and knowledge. There were many interesting courses available.

I would like to share one of the courses that I attended during the last Movement Control Orders (MCO) which gave a profound impact on my journey as an entrepreneur. After working for more than two decades in the corporate world, I took a plunge to start my own firm. My business was developing very well until the announcement of MCO. Although, the twenty-five years of experience did help me to reconsider my business strategies and operations; the challenge was the unprecedented, COVID 19 treat and economy crisis created so much fluidity in the business environment for my company.

I enrolled in an online course called Basecamp: A Midlife Entrepreneurship School. Initially, I was skeptical of the ROI of attending this course. I met one of the facilitators to get more information and decided to attend.

During the course, there were so many WOW moments that my course-mates and I felt. Just to name a few:

  1.  There are 4 types of “lucks” an entrepreneur my experience. Ideally, an entrepreneur needs to strive to take his organization to the 4th type of “luck” where “the luck” looks for the entrepreneurs. This can be achieved via innovation and by creating unique selling propositions to customers.
  2.  There are 5 types of Effectual principles. One of it called the Crazy-Quilt Principle; which encourages collaborating with like-minded entrepreneurs to accelerate the growth of the business.

My business is having a good positive impact after I adapted some of the ideas. We are not out of the wood yet, but we are in the solid ground to bounce strongly in Q4 and 2021.

I also must talk about the facilitators. Dash is a serial entrepreneur with more than three decades of experience and Prof. Shai from Cambridge University. They are very knowledgeable in their subject and most importantly they are very caring by being brutally honest by making participants realize entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Interested participants may contact Dash at +60122088743

Lastly, I am attaching a video where you can hear the feedback of other participants who attended this course. 

Talent Hut is a Specialist Recruitment Agency supporting engineering and technology companies to find the best talent for their organization using structured methods to source and shortlist the best candidates in a timely manner. Interested companies may call Thiyagaraj(Raj) at 0126310592.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/continuous-learning-necessary-way-life-thiyagarajan-govindasamy/

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