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Are women are not suitable for C-level positions?

Are women are not suitable for C-level positions?

Yesterday, I read this article in “THE STAR”. Although, Malaysia is doing better at 33% compared to global of 29% in term of the proportion of women in senior management in companies; it is sad to note that only 60% of Malaysian businesses are actively working on removing barriers to gender parity at senior level, the lowest number in the ASEAN region.

On average, the percentage of women enrolled in undergraduate programmes at university increased from 25% in 1962 to 60% plus now. These numbers show the extent to which women have succeeded in drastically increasing their participation in the premier higher education institution of the country.

Why this is not translated at board level? Is woman are not capable to manage big companies. Obviously, we know this is not true. There is a glass ceiling that makes it difficult for the fairer gender to succeed. It could be that sacrifice of a mother who prioritises her family than her career aspirations. My final year thesis was on job satisfaction among dual careers family. One of my hypothesis was a female professional(wife) will experience a lot more stress compared to male professional (husband). The result was surprisingly opposite. The husband was experiencing more stress compared to his wife. The reason was the wife was trained or mentally conditions to do multiple roles from young. However, the husband was not expected or trained to do house chores from young. When they become adult and in a family of dual career; they are put in a situation that is not familiar or trained for it. This resulted in more stress for the husband compared to the wife. Thus, the society too plays an important role. There could be many other reasons. However, it is essential to note that the country will lose out when these bright talents are not engaged for the betterment of the country and people.

Like to share our own experience in TalentHut PLT as a Specialist Recruitment agency, we are glad that some of our clients request us to look for a candidate with diversity background for C-level or senior positions. However, when comes to technical positions like Maintenance Engineers/Managers or Field engineers, we would like to say the doubts are there. It is not limited to companies but also candidates. There is a group of prominent people who formed 30% clubs-Malaysia Chapter that is trying to increase the number of women participants at the Board level. There are offering mentoring, leadership courses to increase the percentage of women leadership at the Board level.

Every responsible organization and citizen needs to take the responsibility to remove the barriers. Here are some questions that I like to post on how every one of us can play a part to help our sisters/daughters to succeed.

If you are an HR professional or leaders of a company; what are you doing to enable more women to succeed in their organization?

If you are the husband of a very talented female talent; how do you support her?

I do like to hear from female candidates views too, what can a company do to make the playing ground level for them?

How will you train your young son to prepared for the future to support their female counterpart at workplace or girlfriend/spouse?

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Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/women-suitable-c-level-positions-thiyagarajan-govindasamy/

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