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5 Talent Acquisition Strategies for Highly Competitive Industries

  1. Last week, we have shared the difficulty faced by Companies to recruit quality talents for their organization especially technical and engineering positions. A few Talent Acquisitions (TA) leaders ask me to share some pointers on what they and their companies can do to find quality talent efficiently. Thus, I would like to share 5 methods/strategies that can be used by Talent Acquisition (TA) professionals and companies to enhance their efficiencies and effectiveness. I will skip the basic stuff like advertising in online portal (i.e. Jobstreet, Seek, Naukri, Glassdoor, WeChat,..etc.) which I consider as transactional activities. My article will be focusing on strategies and tactical aspect that leadsto big impact to talent acquisitions effort (to recruit professional category talents).

    Here are some of methods that can be considered by TA and Companies:

    1.  Organize Sourcing and Selection as one effective system. TA professionals should not be solely responsible to source talents. The entire organization (Senior Leaders, Hiring Managers, TA Professionals and fellow employees) have the responsibility to promote the company as a great place to work and to promote the open vacancies. Principle of “School of Fish” where the same type of talents congregate together will make the target marketing much more effective and efficient (i.e. An employee with special skills like Full Stack Engineer may know another 10 full stack engineers)
    2. Capability of TA Professional: Constantly invest to enhance TA Professional so that they are able to bring in the best talent for their company. TA function is evolving from postman function (forwarding the resume to hiring manager) to become value adding profession. TA Professionals need to be competent in many areas like Marketing, Employer branding, Data analysis, must know the business well, knows the market well, good negotiators …etc. They are professional certifications offered by Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Malaysia Institute of Resources Management-MIHRM; specifically for TA Professionals. We in Talent Hut do provide coaching on a pro-bono basis.
    3. Programmatic Advertising: Similar to google adverts, TA professionals are able to ensure their adverts reaches targeted candidates with pecific competencies using the key skills required for a specific opening. A certain platform like Indeed, Glassdoor, Linked-in uses this AI method on real-time basis to entice the targeted candidates by popping up the adverts on targeted candidates’ Facebook or other Social media platform. This enhances the effectiveness of TA Effort. 
    4. Social Media: TA professional and companies should leverage on the power of social media, to build a strong employer branding and to source candidates. Companies are able to create a community that may consist of potential clients and candidates. The effectiveness of the social media also dependents on the content and activities that stimulates interest and followership among the target clients and candidates.
    5. Applicant Tracking System (ATS): A good ATS enables the whole TA processes to be managed digitally and collect various data. These data enables the TA leader and Leadership of Companies to identify what works and what don’t work… example: Which channel helps to source the right candidates, performance level of various TA professionals and many other data. These data can help the organization to embark on continuous improvement.

     There are many other methods and strategies and there are many other Talent Acquisitions Pundits who are able to share their advice. Like to hear from them too.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/5-talent-acquisition-strategies-highly-competitive-govindasamy/

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